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TWprofiling® Stress profile

Illnesses can often be caused by unrecognised or unconscious stress, both in our private life or at work. With TWprofiling® you can identify the extent of an individuals mental stress and help preventing health problems by establishing programmes to maintain general well being.

WohlbefindeYour advantage: Well being!

Psychical strains like stress, sorrows and trouble weaken our body. A lack of vitality, sleep disorders, .pains and many other symptoms are the result of it.
A TWprofiling® discovers your conscious and unconscious stress factors and strains. Coaching based on your personal results will bring you into the essential balance for frequent well being.

Send us your e-mail right here, now. Our goal is your permanent well being.

Note: We explicitly would like to point out that our consulting is no therapy and no substitute for therapy or any other medical treatment. Persons in therapy should consolidate their doctor or therapist about participation herein.