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In order to create a safe, reliable profiling procedure, certain quality criteria need to be fulfilled. The basiscs of the TWprofiling® fulfil all important scientific standards for psychometric profiling, including the following requirements:

1. TWprofiling® is standardized.

This means that for each participant the same conditions are valid. Furthermore, TWprofiling® features general, binding standards, so called rules, for the evaluation of the results. Thus, valid statements are given.

2. TWprofiling® is objective.

This means that the results are absolutely independent of the particular assessor. Regardless of who is assessing a candidate, the execution, evaluation and interpretations of the TWprofiling® are always the same.

3. TWprofiling® is reliable.

Reliability is comes from the level of accuracy with which a test procedure measures a particular criteria. Measurements are only reliable if the values are independent from the time of measuring, i.e. after repeating the analysis of a person the same result should appear.

In addition, for TWprofiling® the following is applicable:

The basics of TWprofiling® are the axiological studies of Albert Ellis, Viktor Emil Frankl, Abraham Maslow, Erich Fromm and Robert Hartman. They are scientifically validated according to the standards of the APA (American Psychological Association) and are in line with the international rules for psychometrical test procedures, meeting the guidelines and standards of ADA and EEOC (Americans with Disabilities Act und U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission).

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